• name: julian
  • birthday: march 05
  • zodiac: pisces
  • mbti: isfp-t
  • age: 18+
  • pronouns: they/neos
  • gender: transmasc enby
  • sexuality: arospec abro

hi there! as you can see my name is julian, but i also go by JJ! i am a white neurodivergent transmasc xenic enby, they/them is my main set of pronouns BUT i also have a couple of neos that i also love being referred to as (check out the label hoard for that! and also more abt my orientation and stuff :D). i never know what else to write on these about pages umm i draw! it's usually very self indulgent selfship stuff with characters i love, both canon and OCs alike! but i also just draw good ol OC content and on occassion, some fanart!

i'm also a witch! i've been practicing with mainly tarot, candles, prayers (i worship dionysus, apollo, hypnos and eros!) and sigils for a couple of years now. i'm nowhere near being an expert especially since it's more of a casual practice for me, but i think i know the ropes enough! there's always room for growth and improvement though :) ig by definition ppl would say my practice aligns with wicca more than anything else but i don't really put a label on it!

other than that i have a LOT of interests that are linked on the big button that says 'interests'! please look there if you're interested in seeing me go super in depth about stuff i like LMAO. when it comes to general hobbies i like playing videogames, i like to write stories when i'm in the mood to, i like gushing about my fictional spouses/lovers, i like having late night calls with my best friends and doing stupid shit together- this whole coding thing is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it so i've been having fun with that as well! other than all of that uh i don't...really do much! LOL

i'm at a loss for what else to add to this lil ramble so i might add more later but for now thank you for reading! you're so poggers mwah kisses /p

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